Tech Talks, Trainings, CTF and a lot more to be experienced all the comfort of your home. “It’s all VIRTUAL” 😊

Let us tell you a story

Many years ago, to be exact on 1st November 1956 the state of Kerala- Gods Own Country was born. Ever since on the first day of November all Keralites across the globe proudly celebrates the auspicious day of Kerala Piravi.
In 2017 around the 61st Kerala Piravi, a bunch of young security enthusiasts established YAS (Yet Another Security). YAS was founded with the ultimate desire to build stronger community around information security in Kerala. Our motto is to share education, experiences and knowledge outside of the traditional structures in a more community focused environment.
And in 2020 we are stepping up the game to the next level !!
On this year’s Kerala Piravi Day, the world will witness Kerala’s first ever virtual cyber security conference- YASCON 2020.


Call for Papers (CFP)

Do you have amazing content that is unique and stands close to our motto to share education, knowledge, experiences, skill transfer and more...?
Then this is the right place for you to drop in your ideas and be ready to share virtually with the InfoSec world.
Give us a snapshot of -> Who you are? Why should people listen to you? and What you are going to talk about? to our email id [email protected] and we will get back to you as early as possible.
All proposals received before September 30th, 2020, 23:59 IST will be considered by the programme committee. Any material submitted at a later date will be considered to fill vacant slots .
Hurry UP !! Submit your proposals now and let’s enjoy the fun :-)

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Tech Talks

Please note we are non-product, non-vendor biased security conference, and do not accept vendor pitches.

The technical talks will be focused on latest developments in cyber security, attack vectors that are leveraged by attackers, research on security practices or tools.
Topics of special interest include :

  • • Mobile and PAN Security
  • • Mobile Apps
  • • Network Protocol Analysis
  • • AJAX/Web2.0/JavaScript Security
  • • Secure Software Development
  • • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • • Operating System Security (7, 8, XP, Vista, GNU/Linux, OS X, iOS, Android, Plan 9, *BSD, ...)
  • • E/I-Voting Case-Studies, Attacks, Weaknesses
  • • Industry 4.0
  • • VoIP
  • • Perimeter Defense / Firewall Technology
  • • Digital Forensics
  • • WLAN/WiFi, GPRS, IPv6 and 3G Security
  • • Wireless Technologies
  • • Virtualisation
  • • Mobile Operating System Security
  • • Social Engineering
  • • Smart Card Security
  • • Cryptography
  • • Intrusion Detection
  • • Incident Response
  • • Rootkit Detection, Techniques, and Defense
  • • Security Properties of Web-Frameworks
  • • Malicious Code Analysis
  • • Secure Framework Design
  • • .NET and Java Security

mail us to [email protected]


CFP submission format

Please share the below details
* Your name or handle/alias
* The presentation name/title
* A brief topic abstract (1-2 paragraphs)
* Which kind of presentation slot you are looking for from the following list 25-minute talk, 50-minute talk, 2-hr workshop, 4-hr workshop
* A brief bio (100% optional item, but if your talk is chosen it saves the time and trouble of asking for it later)