BumpKey, a Hardware Swiss Knife for RedTeaming

In this workshop, we'll show our new hardware tool Bumpkey.Blutooth-based attacks, WiFi-enabled communication, Metasploit and an integrated C2 Server using SMS ,all in one portable device ? Yes, and with batteries included.

In this workshop we will present a hardware prototype for offensive security and redteaming: BumpKey. This device is capable of making its way into different environments without much difficulty, using all the tools and protocols at its disposal, as if it were a master key. A master key, inside a Swiss army knife.

All aspects of the device will be explained, from its construction piece by piece, to its use tool by tool. Ideal for those interested in hardware hacking, beginners, and experienced hackers. You'll even get a major idea on how to build and customize your own Swiss Knife in no time!