we are bringing the ultimate conference experience YASCON 2021 on November this year! Conferences, Workshops, Technical Talks, CTFs and cyber events will be hosted virtually and free. The LIVE conference event will be streamed worldwide on November 28th across social media platforms.




Yet Another Security is a community founded by a guild of Infosecians back in late 2017. YAS was established with the desire to build a stronger coterie around Information Security within Kerala - to spread education, share experiences & knowledge outside the traditional structures and in a more community focused environment. YAS is a simple informal platform where like-minded individuals meetup to discuss anything and everything about Information Security.


The objective of Yet Another community is to strengthen the skills and attitude of each of its members in all aspects related to information security. Our aim is not limited to proliferating information security awareness, but also learning together.
Our ultimate goal is to build an active and vibrant crowd around the hacking culture which is not only contemplated as a technical or business issue anymore, it is basically a lifestyle. Cyber security, Data privacy, critical and intelligent information management allow us to better understand the dangers and pitfalls of the technological "backpack". Our objective is twofold - on one hand we work on technical knowledge and research. And on the other hand, with the experience gained, we focus on developing an ethical human attitude that allows us to make the world a better place. Our activities build a suitable forum to research and develop new techniques and methodologies.



Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact us

Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact us
[email protected]