Dont Let your Mind Get Hacked!


Covid 19 made pushed us into a tensed situation all around the globe. Most of us are anxious about the job security and salary fluctuations which can likely happen due to upcoming recession. Especially people who belongs to IT sector / Techies are slightly anxious and worried about post Covid life. Hence this webinar is conducted how to prepare our mind prior to the panic situation. Self management to overcome the intangible obstacles and life hurdles and make us confident for the upcoming life.



Muhammed Yaseen

Yaseen has a rich corporate experience as an Employee Counsellor. His experience with corporates and insight about the corporate training needs helps him design and structure programs delivering high value. He is passionate about causing progressive transformations in behavioral skills, interpersonal skills, effective and assertive communication, Customer Service, Team Building, Public Speaking, Work Life Balance, Stress management, time management & making them indulge in creative thinking and innovation.